Business disruptions can impact organizations of any size in any location. From weather, to power outages to pandemic outbreaks, every organization needs to develop a business continuity plan to ensure its business operations can continue, no matter the disruption. A critical component of that business plan is to ensure that users remain productive while maintaining the necessary level of security and control over user access to corporate resources.
Aruba Central for Work From Home Initiatives At-a-Glance
This At-A-Glance provides an overview of Aruba's cloud-native remote networking technologies. By deploying Aruba Central, a wide range of remote networking requirements can be quickly addressed from a single pane of glass to provide business continuity.
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Secure remote networks for compliance and continuity.
Maintaining persistent VPN connectivity with full tunneling capabilities, Aruba RAPs provide secure routing of personal and work traffic to maintain privacy and compliance. Centrally managed by a VPNC ensures needed compliance changes happen instantly.
  • Aruba Central enables you to manage everything from a single screen
Work from home employees.
Ensure that your remote workers can remain productive during these uncertain times.
Call Centre responsiveness.
During critical moments and high-call times, call centers are on the front line, keeping the public informed or addressing customer requests. Secure remote access helps deliver 24/7 service.
Online learning—the move to education anywhere.
Thousands of schools across the globe are closing for the foreseeable future. Enable high quality and secure digital experiences for your teachers and faculty who are supporting students from home.