A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) delivers secure connectivity with enterprise-level performance over disparate WAN links and technologies. Aruba’s SD-Branch offering extends beyond SD-WAN to support all elements of the branch – WAN, WLAN, wired networks and security to address all of your IT network connectivity needs.
SD-Branch Innovations.
New identity-based IPS/IDS and LTE-enhanced gateways and SD-WAN Orchestrator offer single point of control.
Software-Defined Branch for Dummies.
What is Software-Defined Branch? How is it different from traditional SD-WAN? How does SD-Branch address the increased use of cloud, IoT, and complexity at the branch? Find the smart answers you seek in this free guide.
Simplicity with cloud agility and high performance.
Cloud applications and IoT devices have disrupted managing the branch today. To keep pace, IT teams require greater visibility and the latest technology to keep pace with changing business needs.
Aruba SD-WAN and AWS Simplify Branch Connectivity.
Aruba’s SD-WAN integration with AWS Transit Gateway Network Manager enhances critical Edge-to-Cloud connectivity for improved VPC communications and reduced operational costs.