The new workplace will be a hybrid model where work from home and the location-aware office take center stage. Where technology and the network are the great enablers of what’s possible for today’s new normal — supporting things like density planning, heat mapping, and contact tracing — all in a seamless and secure manner to keep the workplace safe and productive.
Work from Home with Secure Connectivity
With global pandemic companies had to quickly enable a distributed workforce at scale to maintain business continuity. Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) enable companies to securely and seamlessly extend the enterprise to the home office – managed by Aruba Central. Aruba Remote Access Points provide home wireless connectivity that is identical to an in-office experience (down to the SSID), and also support Zero Touch Provisioning,ideal for the non-technical home worker. Aruba RAPs also support identity based Zero Trust Security and cloud management to enable IT to manage and troubleshoot an employee’s network from a remote location. Book an Online Demo of Aruba Central and see how Aruba Central can improve your network operations. Book a demo now and,
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Return to the Location-aware Office – Ensuring Employee Wellness and Safety
As organizations plan for the safe return to the office, solutions that support density planning and contact tracing are essential. Aruba customers already have the network foundation in place to easily deploy these solutions. Aruba access points are platforms that include Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth radios that deliver the Smart Telemetry – precision indoor and outdoor location data – necessary for these new applications.

    Aruba also provides AI-powered, cloud-based proximity solutions that will operate seamlessly on existing Aruba networks including:
  • Contact tracing using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to minimize virus spread by quickly identifying those who may have come into contact with an infected person
  • Hotspot or heat mapping of locations that pinpoint physical locations that require quarantining and special cleaning schedules
  • Purpose-built dashboards and reports in Aruba Central to accelerate discovery and investigation
  • AI-based data enhancement to relieve IT from time-consuming collection and analysis to enable HR to quickly respond and take the necessary action in real time
  • Rapid set up on any existing Aruba infrastructure
  • Aruba Central enables you to manage everything from a single screen
Aruba AIOps compiles location data
The Hybrid Office – A Long-term Blended Approach
As we learn what the new normal really means and the blend of home and physical offices becomes better understood, the hybrid office will come into focus. We expect this blended workplace to consist of a new generation of home office products and form factors that build on current work-from-home solutions like RAP’s, while new campus guidelines for density and space management will require flexibility, intelligence and fluid, seamless connectivity with remote locations for a consistent experience—no matter where employees connect from.
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